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Re: Thread starvation with mutex

Ulrich Drepper wrote:

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Luke Elliott wrote:

I've been reading this list
and posting when I find issues or oddities for some time now. Isn't a
modicum of respect in order?

You might deserve respect if you'd do the necessary research first, but obviously you didn't. To report problems the steps to take are:

1. reproduce

2. verify the assumed behavior is correct and required

3. report

As many people, you skipped point 2. Why do the work yourself if there are morons out there doing the work for you? This shows only your disrepect since obviously you regard your time more valuable than that of the readers of this list.

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I don't recall demanding that anyone reply to my original post. Especially anyone who clearly has far too little time for such matters; why should they spend that time replying with snide comments? Seems like a waste of that valuable time to me.

Now, should I go do more research about pshared cond vars on a UP machine first or follow up on the discussion from a few months ago right now? Really I don't know.

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