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The failure in timer_getoverrun

Hi all,

I ran a test case for timer_getoverrun in posixtestsuite project based on kernel 2.6.1 with libc-2004-02-01. The case didn't return the expected overrun numbers as expected. 

libc: 2004-02-01
Linux kernel: 2.6.1-mm2 SMP on ia32
Redhat EL-3.0-update1

Test Case and Output
The case can be found at http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/posixtest/posixtestsuite/conformance/interfaces/timer_getoverrun/2-2.c
Output: FAIL:  62 overruns sent; expected 75

I know there maybe some problems to let nanosleep sleep for the time equal to the time of the expired times. But is there any way to make sure the timer expire the accurate times we want? So then we can get the correct overrun numbers? 

Attached the strace log. 


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