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RE: segmentation fault at pthread_exit

Hi drepper,

Could you tell us when do you fix the problem? I have checked the glibc-2004-02-15, the problem is still existed. When I tried to build the latest glibc after (2004-03-01) on ia64 platform to test this, I got link errors. (pls refer to redhat bugzilla bug #117848). 


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> From: Ulrich Drepper [mailto:drepper redhat com]
> Sent: 2004年3月4日 9:29
> To: Li, Adam
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> Subject: Re: segmentation fault at pthread_exit
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> Li, Adam wrote:
> > I ran a simple test case on RHEL-3.0-update1 on ia64 but got
> > segmentation fault _sometime_.
> Do not report problems in vendor glibc versions here.  Always use the
> vendors bug report system.  This is not only for RHEL3, this applies to
> each and every distribution.  In case there is a problem the person
> responsible for the code on the vendors side can report the problem here
>  *after* verifying the problem is present in the current code.
> This specific problem you do not have to report since it is already fixed.
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