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Re: init hook and notify desired

Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for the quick response!

> I'm not going to add any such non-standard functionality.

Understood.  I already saw some non-standard things like tkill and
gettid so it seemed to be worth asking the question.

> Especially for something which is implementable as trivial as this
> without any help of the thread library.

It is trivial if you control the application code and design.  However,
the scenario that is interesting to me is when you are using a debugger
that can patch code into an executable on the fly.  My proposed
operations then become more interesting, as their presence in the thread
library allows the debugger to do some powerful things with all current
and future threads, without having to understand the low-level details
of the threads library.

In any case, I'll be implementing these features for my own use, so if
anyone does have any comments or suggestions I'll be happy to listen
and/or share the patches.

Take care,
Jason Baietto

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