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Re: VSZ keeps on increasing as threads created and cancelled on rhel3.0

Sameer Suhas Deokule <sdeokulecluster yahoo com> writes:

> Hi , We are observing that even though number of threads in the
> application is the same (rhel3.0) as the application has to create
> some threads and cancel them, eventually over a period of time the VSZ
> for the app. process increases. Why does the stack for the cleanly
> cancelled thread not get reused when a new thread is created ? I would
> expect that if the number of threads in use by the application is
> constant then thread creation and cancellation should not result in
> VSZ increasing over a period of time. Memory leak testing does not
> indicate any leaks.

I used to see something similar on my machine running regular 2.6
kernels and glibc from cvs.  It stopped some time ago though.
Supposedly some bug has been fixed.

Måns Rullgård
mru kth se

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