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my installation glitches

I installed Phoebe on one partition of my test box (it has four
different installations, each with their own root partition).

This partition (/dev/sda3) is not the primary boot location (/dev/sda), 
I want to chain to it from there. But anaconda doesn't give me the 
opportunity to install grub to /dev/sda3, it insisted to use /dev/sda
or not installing at all.

So I told it 'no thanks', but did make a boot floppy. Unfortunately that
didn't boot! This is a scsi system, so the initrd must contain scsi_mod,
sd_mod and aic7xxx. The floppy boot got to the point where it printed it
found the compressed image, but then hung.

Not that difficult to recover from - boot another partition, mount the
phoebe partition, chroot to it and install grub manually. Intriguingly,
the initrd image in /boot was correct. Of course, I had to create a 
grub.conf by hand. Rebooting into phoebe works fine now.

The other strange glitch that I had, is that on the anaconda screen where
you can select the video monitor (I have a Sony Multiscan 17sfII which
always gets detected as another Sony model (17CPD?) the mouse kept jumping
around, making it almost impossible to make the right selection. No other
screen before it or after, including running Phoebe itself, had that problem.

Regards, Willem Riede.

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