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Re: Personal Opinion of 20 mins of use

On Tue, 2002-12-24 at 12:55, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> > 5. The fonts don't seem as good quality as 8.0, they seem thin and
> > scraggly, where are 8.0 was nice and bold'ish and good quality.
> Odd, it should be using the same fonts. What app/apps is this
> in? Have you customized the fonts at all?

The problem seems to be that fonts below the size of 12 are not anti
aliased in Phoebe. They are in Psyche.

Some comparison screenshots between Phoebe and Psyche. I do not have any
extra fonts installed other then the MS TT fonts on both systems. The
screenshot of Pan really shows the difference, but the different is in
all apps. Also note the fonts on the Gnome panel. The desktop is set to



The fonts in the Phoebe installer were no where near the same quality as
in Psyche.

	Jim H

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