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Flabbergasting Phoebe

(-: I was delighted and astounded by Phoebe:

1) For providing such exciting insight into American haute cuisine
   during the installation: 'Deep Fried Twinkies', 'Sausages and Dogs',
   'Deep Fried Candy Bars', 'Giant River Rat, ...

2) For news of the take over of Mandrake by RedHat:
   "The following Red Hat product will be upgraded: Mandrake Linux
    release 9.0 (dolphin) for i586 (/dev/hda2)".
   [while installing Phoebe on a box with Mandrake 9.0]

3) For driving my PS/2 mouse plugged into a laptop totally crazy.
   [I only managed to restore sanity by first installing the 'touch pad'
    and then plugging the mouse in before reboot]

4) For showing that Red Hat knows what is best for us: you may only boot
   into graphics mode after install. You can't even tell the anaconda
   that you only like a text mode boot. Are these stories about Red Hat
   becoming a second Microsoft really true?

5) For showing that that stealthy bugger Nautilus has completely taken
   over the desktop while I was not watching. And I can't losen his
   hold anymore (except possibly by opening the Gnome's entrails)

Oh, and she holds many more surprises that phenomenal Phoebe, but
those are tales for another day.

In the mean time I hope you all are just as aroused as I am :-)

*The United States must fully disclose and destroy
 it's Weapons of Mass Destruction*

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