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RE: gnumierc on phoebe

This will be my last post for this topic as well... apologies to the
list if this has gotten too far off topic.

You have many great points about the current state of linux and it's
community.  I guess my initial post was somewhat of a "wishful
proposition as it relates to beta testing and the dependencies we can
and do run in to.  I too think RH has done a tremendous job so far,
just hoping they continue down this direction to turn up the heat on
MS and become a viable desktop alternative for the average user.  


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[long message follows.  Executive summary: Red Hat has not the
authority over its distribution the way Microsoft does.  This will be
my last 
message on this topic to this list -- I am willing and able to discuss
private e-mail any of this.]

On Friday 27 December 2002 14:36, Todd Booher LW com wrote:
> Redhat's intention for this release is to be "desktop-centric".


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