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My experience with Phoebe NV4/VMware

Just thought I would relate my (short) experience with phoebe:

Vmware works fine running under phoebe.  I have win98 and winnt running
now.  I haven't tried running phoebe under VMWare however.

I guess the XFree86 contains drivers for my NVidia4 board, but upgrading
from the binary NVidia drivers was a big PAIN.  :-)  The binary drivers
won't work at all with this X.  The XFree86 drivers appear to be working
fine however so I'm happy.

Upgrading from 8.0 to this, I lost all of my launchers that I setup on
my panel.  It's a pain to have to set these up each time.

Gnome print manager:  Do you have to be using CUPS in order for this to
work properly?  I'm eager to give it a try, but I'm using LPRng and it
isn't showing my print job list or allowing me to DND files onto it. 

Looks sharp, I'm excited to see this new release!

Tom Cross <tomc cloudnet com>

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