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Re: X process niceness

On Fri, 2002-12-27 at 23:59, Warren Togami wrote:
> The phoebe kernel uses the O(1) scheduler?  At some point IIRC Ingo 
> mentioned that processes are much more sensitive to niceness levels and 
> he recommended making your X server nice -15 by default.
> The X server default nice seems to be 0 in both Psyche and Phoebe. 
> Should this be changed?

Well, I must disagree on both points.

First, on my Psyche installs, X *is* automatically reniced to -10.

Secondly, in my case anyhow, this has been a BAD thing, and I'm glad the
Phoebe doesn't appear to do this.  Having X reniced to -10 caused xmms
to skip (even with expanded buffer settings, etc), and many other apps
to behave somewhat *less* responsively.  Putting X back at a nice of 0
instantly cleared up these problems for me.

Perhaps the issue is somewhat dependent on one's drivers?  In my case,
it's the 'radeon' driver, powering an AIW 8500.

Anyone else have some experience with this that would like to comment?

 - jck

Jens Knutson <jensknutson yahoo com>

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