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Number of drives in home use

John Summerfield <phoebe computerdatasafe com au> observed, among
many other more important things :

> We're talking about low-cost personal computers, not servers. One
> disk drive. I have six computer with me, all runnint Linux. Only
> one has more than one drive, and that because I wanted more disk
> space.

	With respect, that may be changing. I'm probably about as
subtechnoid as anyone following this list; but I got someone who
spoke hardware to put in a second (20GB) hard drive on my 11/1998
home machine -- on the advice of a linux for dummies book! -- a
year or two ago, and am still running 7.2 on it (upgraded from 6.2
when I got a Friendly Local Alpha Plus Nerd to come here, last
February, and hack a way to connect it to my DSL connection, with
an ISP that didn't support linux).

	Last weekend at an installfest I got one helpful soul to
pull the original (6 GB) W98 hard drive of evil memory, and another
to install 8.0 on the (30 GB) replacement. That's what I'm running

	Until such time as I replace the whole box, I plan to go on
leapfrogging releases and hard drives in the same fashion. My guess
is that, as the baby boomers retire and break the chains that bound
them at work to the Gates of Hell (and go onto pensions that halve
their incomes!), some such practice will become much more common.

	Fwiw, it hadn't even occurred to me, till today, to wonder
whether the likes of me could run two hard drives at once and in
cahoots; I'll have to ask around on the LUG. Meanwhile, I just Grub
back and forth ...
RR 'Beartooth' Neuswanger <karhunhammas (at) lserv.com>
Double Retiree, Linuxer's Apprentice, Curmudgeon On Line
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