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Re: Two floppy boot?

On 28 Dec 2002, seth vidal wrote:

> > You still need drivers for the kernel, I've not compared the initrds,
> > but I note the one for the pxe boot is smaller.
> not really.
> pxe works like this:
> pxe boot the network card by its internal rom
> look for a pxe server on the network
> grab the location of a kernel and initrd for there
> grab the kernel via tftp
> grab the initrd via tftp
> load both
> boot
> do stuff here.
> if you grab the initrd-everything then you don't need to worry about
> drivers and pxe doesn't care how big the initrd is.
And where is this initrd?

[summer numbat tmp]$ find /misc/phoebe1/images -type f
[summer numbat tmp]$ find /misc/phoebe1 -name initrd\*
[summer numbat tmp]$

> > Besides, setting up and using pxe isn't so simple. I couldn't do it for
> > 7.2 even with the combined help of valhalla-list.
> then you were trying diligently to confuse it.

How can you legitimately that? I did everything the docs said I should,
described what I'd done on the list, followed every suggestion, until
advice petered out and still it didn't work.

> i've not had much trouble with it except for troublesome network cards
> that needed to be flashed.

It may well be a firmware problem.

I do have Etherboot working for Debian, and I can install a basic Woody
system in four minutes to a Pentium II.

However, my original point is that network installs that used to be
trivial, with no more action (for many) than copying the bootnet.img
file to floppy and booting it is no longer possible. It's something Red
Hat needs to address.



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