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Phoebe ACPI (was Re: some initial problems with Phoebe)

I have a VAIO laptop that I put Phoebe on that doesn't like Phoebe's
ACPI.  I not only lost the ability for poweroff to turn off the
machine, I also lost the ability to use the ieee1394 port.  Before
Phoebe, I was using 2.4.21-pre2 with the Sourceforge ACPI patch from
20021212.  Since Phoebe's kernel includes the thread backport
(e.g. futexes and friends), I tried building a kernel using the Phoebe
kernel sources, but backing out their ACPI an using the 20021212 ACPI.
This fixes the ACPI problems I was having with Phoebe (and gives me my
laptop's temperature in Celsius instead of Kelvin).

If anyone with ACPI problems wants to try the same, here are a few
gotchas I encountered.

	I had to do a make mrproper after installing the kernel
	sources.  I don't remember what problems I ran into when
	I didn't do that--it was at night and I wasn't taking notes.

	I had to turn off the CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI option in my
	.config file.  Leaving that set to "m" caused the kernel
	build to fail.

	Although removing the ACPI patches using

		 patch -R < linux-2.4.20-intel-acpi-safe-update.patch 

	successfully removed everything, applying the source forge
	patch (URL follows) requires a small bit of cleanup.

	I normally install FreeS/WAN on my laptop so the laptop can
	join a variety of VPNs..  Installing "Super Freeswan" using
	"make oldgo" fails, but succeeds if you then cd into
	/usr/src/linux do a

		 make dep && make bzImage modules
Normally I do my kernel builds though a shell script that applies
various patches and uses different configuration files for different
targets (I never learned RPM well enough to do this through a .spec
file).  If anyone with ACPI problems wants to try what I did, but my
instructions above aren't good enough, I can provide a tar file of my
ACPI modded source now, or eventually provide a shell script that
shows exactly all the steps mentioned above.

If anyone has questions, I'm subscribed to phoebe-list, but only skim
it.  cc'ing me will make it more likely I see any e-mail.  I've
already added a brief note to bug 80680.


Cliff Matthews		After their escape, purchases of
ctm ardi com		lightweight fabrics were limited

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