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Newbie questions

Don't flame please - but regardless I'm more concerned with answers and have a thick skin.

I'm still downloading Disc 2 iso - this time using command line ftp rather than Opera - slow going either way on a 384kb DSL line.

Since I have Disc 1 iso and if I can burn it and begin the boot process is there some way (through virtual consoles or whatever) that I could point anaconda to the web site rather than a local file when it asks for a disk change?.

More important to me - are people doing an upgrade from Psyche (or earlier RH Linux distro) rather than a fresh install?? What are peoples experiences? I could go either way as I can backup Psyche (which I'm getting to like despite quirks) using Powerquest Drive Image 2002 to a second HD on my Althlon XP 1900+ (think I got the name correct).

If I can burn install CD's I can probably try to install Phoebe on vmware WINDOWS, which I bought some time ago.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and help.

Marty Felker

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