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Re: I want to use /dev/ataraid/d0

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On Sunday 29 December 2002 10:45 pm, Robert L Cochran wrote:

> I'm now using a Gigabyte GA-8IHXP2 motherboard and that is exactly how
> I updated the motherboard drivers. First Microsoft Windows. Then the
> drivers. Then Red Hat Linux. This board also has onboard Promise RAID
> -- the same PDC20276 chip, but the the chip driver software allows
> ATA133 (IDE) functionality so I can connect extra drives to the extra
> connectors and have them treated as IDE devices. I run software RAID
> using 2-Western Digital WD1200JB drives. I like the Gigabyte board a
> lot more than the Asus board. It was easier to install (but I had
> learned many lessons by then.) It forgave my embarrassing continuum of
> errors. It just worked, it still does, and does not seem anywhere near
> as frustrating as the Asus board.
> So what I'm saying is, be careful with hardware choices on your quest
> for RAID. PCI cards come expensive. If you replace a motherboard be
> practical and install Windows first just to get the drivers. Approach
> it with lots of time, patience, and cash.

But, just for clarification, installing the Windows motherboard drivers 
has no effect once you boot to Linux. You'd see exactly the same results 
if you hadn't installed Windows or the Windows drivers at all.

Updating the BIOS would affect both Windows and Linux, but not the 

If the Linux kernel doesn't have support for your motherboard and it's 
various chipsets, all the windows drivers in the world won't help. ;)

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