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Re: Newbie questions

This thread brings up an interesting question:
"Should Beta install be done from scratch?"

(Brief History of experiences with VAlhalla(7.3),psyche(8.0),phoebe)
1) Consistently FAILED mediacheck for disk[2..3] of psyche iso image
burn on IBM ThinkPad A30p.

2) Resorted to ftp install using PASSED mediacheck for disk1 of psyche
iso image burn on IBM ThinkPad A30p.(Scratch Installation)

3) ftp install of psyche was automatic once initial options were
selected for IBM ThinkPad A30p.

4) RedHat 7.3 (Valhalla) was subsequently upgraded to phoebe using iso
images that FAILED mediacheck on IBM ThinkPad A30p (where the CD were
created using X-CDROAST) but (the same CDs) PASSED mediacheck on Compaq
Presario 5838 (again, which is now running phoebe after upgrade from
RedHat 7.3.)

BUT, This upgrade path (Valhalla => phoebe) doesn't appear to be a good
idea...because some desktop utilities that work under psyche(8.0) on IBM
ThinkPad A30p are not working on phoebe (on the Compaq Presario 5838).

However, with phoebe I could not locate a mirror site with the required
'stage' images used during an ftp install...(psyche install prompted for
path to server based images...I assume phoebe would do the same?)

BUT, since a PASSED mediacheck set of 'iso' CDs for phoebe has been
created the next step is to install from scratch on Compaq Presario 5838
and sort out differences between upgrade and 'scratch' install paths.

On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 20:46, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 18:29, Martin Felker wrote:
> > Since I have Disc 1 iso and if I can burn it and begin the boot process 
> > is there some way (through virtual consoles or whatever) that I could 
> > point anaconda to the web site rather than a local file when it asks for 
> > a disk change?.
> I didn't see one when I did my install.  I think that doing a network
> install from the normal boot CD would be rather spiffy, though.
> > More important to me - are people doing an upgrade from Psyche (or 
> > earlier RH Linux distro) rather than a fresh install??   What are 
> > peoples experiences?  I could go either way as I can backup Psyche 
> > (which I'm getting to like despite quirks) using Powerquest Drive Image 
> > 2002 to a second HD on my Althlon XP 1900+ (think I got the name correct).
> I just did an upgrade to this new beta from 8.0 (plus a few things from
> rawhide), and it seems to be working fine, except that this new beta is
> still quite buggy.
> 	Greg
> -- 
> Gregory Leblanc <gleblanc linuxweasel com>

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