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Re: Newbie questions

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From: "Mike Kuhnkey" <mkuhnkey comcast net>
To: "RedHat Beta (phoebe)" <phoebe-list redhat com>
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2002 10:02 AM
Subject: Re: Newbie questions

> This thread brings up an interesting question:
> "Should Beta install be done from scratch?"

Betas should be installed both fresh and as upgrades.  See below comment.

> BUT, This upgrade path (Valhalla => phoebe) doesn't appear to be a good
> idea...because some desktop utilities that work under psyche(8.0) on IBM
> ThinkPad A30p are not working on phoebe (on the Compaq Presario 5838).

All beta installs, fresh or upgrades (at least upgrades from currently
supported official releases) *should* be tested.  If one doesn't work, then
it should be reported to bugzilla so they can find out why.  Things wont'
get fixed if they aren't known.  Alas, that is why one should always setup
and use beta boxes for these (of course, we know home users, small/mid sized
businesses can't always do this) so their production boxes keep working and
will upgrade smoothly once the transition is ready.

So in your case, you upgrading from Valhalla to Phoebe and discovering
something not working is a good thing.  As in you can report it and cause
someone to look at it and try to get it fixed so it doesn't happen on the
official release.

Hope this helps,


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