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Re: Mozilla Font Rendition

Robert L Cochran wrote:
How do I capture and then drop a screenshot like that in an email? Love
the effect, I'd like to do that also.

I'm even more puzzled now because your screenshot looks great; my
rendition on the laptop looks awful.

Woops, I was taking the screenshot on the wrong machine. On my beta machine it does look pretty bad.

It's strange. The following html snippit shows the problem:

<div style="Times New Roman, serif;" lang="el">
Hi there.

The use of the lang="el" maps the fonts strangely. Here's the match:

[0x87ce750] setting up pattern with the following specification:
        adding non-generic families: times new roman,
        lang group: el
        adding generic family: serif
        point,pixel size: 12,240
        slant: roman
        weight: (orig,calc) 400,100
matched the following (10) fonts:
        Nimbus Roman No9 L
        Nimbus Roman No9 L
        Kochi Mincho
        AR PL Mingti2L Big5
        Baekmuk Batang
        Standard Symbols L

Somehow in that language Fixed ends up in the font list before Nimbus Roman No9 L.

Owen, what say you?



On Mon, 2002-12-30 at 00:09, Christopher Blizzard wrote:

Robert L Cochran wrote:

I installed phoebe on my old Sony Vaio PCG-F350 laptop. When I point
Mozilla at my personal web site


the fonts render horribly, This same web page renders decently but
definitely not as intended on the Red Hat-supplied Mozilla binaries in
8.0. I wrote this web site for Internet Explorer and have become very
rusty on my coding techniques in the past year. I assume my CSS
stylesheets are specifying fonts which are simply not present on phoebe.
Also, the address bar text in the phoebe flavor of Mozilla looks awful
on the laptop. Small letters squished together and clicking once on the
URL doesn't seem to select the whole line. The mouse pointer and
insertion bar cast annoying "shadows" as well (and not just when Mozilla
is running.)

It looks reasonable here (screenshot attached.) Can you send me a screenshot?

"Times New Roman" is in the list, which might cause interesting effects if there's an old .pcf file in your path somewhere.


Christopher Blizzard

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