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Re: nano editor in Shrike?

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Tom Diehl wrote:

>> >> Does it not have the same licansing problem pine has??
>> >
>> >UW Pico does, GNU Nano does not, hence the request for Nano to be
>> >included before or when Pico is dropped.
>> nano is unlikely to be included as long as pine is included in 
>> the distro.  Once pine is officially removed from the distro, 
>> nano is a possibility if someone is willing to maintain it I 
>> guess.
>Since last I knew you were the maintainer of pine, how much longer do I have
>to find a replacment. I know I have at least 6 months since that is the approx.
>time to next release but......
>Seriously though, have you found a good replacment for pine? If so what is it?

There likely wont be something added to the distribution as a 
replacement for pine.  There are already numerous alternatives to 
pine in the distribution.  None of them work exactly like pine, 
and anyone switching from pine to another MUA will have to 
undergo some readjusting.  "mutt" is the most commonly suggested 
text based replacement, however most pine users don't 
particularly like mutt (including myself).  There is a mutt 
configuration file which reconfigures mutt to use pine keystrokes 
et al. to ease the transition.

I can't tell you how long that will be specifically until pine 
is removed, however if one absolutely must have a specific date, 
assume that it is removed as of tomorrow.  That way you'll be 
prepared when the eventuality occurs (if you need to actually 

Nonetheless, there is no reason that one has to stop using pine.  
Whenever pine does actually get removed from the distribution, it 
will not cease to exist in the universe.  Just as people are 
still capable of adding on MP3 plugins and other software to Red 
Hat Linux, you can also download pine and add it on if it doesn't 
come with the distro.

Even when it does get removed from the distribution, I will
continue to create and maintain "unofficial" pine packages on a
personal volunteer basis for people to use with Red Hat Linux.  
At that time, they'll not be supported by Red Hat, and they'll be 
"use at own risk" or in other words "caveat emptor".  I plan on 
maintaining pine packages as long as it isn't an overly large 
burden on me, and as long as the people using the packages are 
friendly and polite, and not demanding and/or rude.

So don't feel that you _have_ to stop using pine, if you really 
don't want to stop.  You won't have to, unless you've got some 
kind of requirement that it be part of a default OS install or 
automated install of some kind, and even then there are ways to 
manage that with kickstart.

Hope this clears things up.

Mike A. Harris     ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
OS Systems Engineer - XFree86 maintainer - Red Hat

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