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Re: Shrike ISOs...

On Wed, 2003-04-02 at 07:29, iostream attbi com wrote:
> I think legality would be hard to fight with the nature of RHL.  That said, it
> may not be ethical.  It depends on how you look at it, for a paying RHN customer
> such as myself, the 72 hour download time for shrike ISOs is bad as well.  For a
> non paying customer, well, you decide for yourself.  

Took me 1 hour from files.bigpond.net.au - which is only available to
Telstra broadband users.

Seems like RH needs to do some work to make a subscription worth it -
taking 72 times as long, and costing me > $US100 for network traffic
doesn't really inspire me to start paying them the $AUD110 per year they

> I do think this whole ordeal was a big mistake.  Sell Red Hat customers on this
> new service, based on one feature.  And that feature is so slow as to be
> useless...  seems it would be bad for business.  On the other hand, to those of
> us who have been paying RHN subscribers for the past year or so, this is the
> first time we have had any issues with ISOs on release day.
> Just my $.02


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