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RE: early review of RH 9 (Shrike)

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Res wrote:
> >> How can it be stupid,ifyou also see it as valid?  You're
> >> contradicting yourself.  I don't see anything stupid about Red
> >
> >No, not really Mike, I see your points as valid as a point of law, but
> >that doesn't mean I agree with it when the software is freely available
> >at any ftp server, if they want to get at someone they would be better off
> >getting at the developers of the software, not a distributor or end user.
> How would they be "better off"?  Do the developers of that
> software have large sums of money?  No.  Do the developers of

So its a case of protect the writter but shoot the messenger....no sense
in that.

> If you think about it, people making GPL MP3 software are

They still distribute it, and all RH is doing like ANY and EVERY other
ftp is distributing it.

Take for instance the IP rights, of the content, Springsteen releases a CD
the copyright cops go after the distributor AND the end user, theres no
money to be made by sueing the hard working parents of a 15 yo kid just
because he is an end user who d/l'd and has in his possesion a copy of one
of his tracks BUT they go out of there way to do it.

> companies that use the free code.  The author of the programs are
> more or less not likely to ever come in the gun scope.  IP owners
> sue where there is money to be had.

*cough* as above.

> >Lets face it, if they go after RH they should be going after
> Red Hat doesn't ship MP3 decoder software.
> >EVERY ISP/OSP/ASP, or Pvt company that has a public FTP server
> >with MP3 players on it, I don't know in the USA, as your laws
> They very well *could*.  That doesn't mean that they would.  If
> *you* were a patent owner in such a situation, would you sue
> 10000000 individual people, none of whom you'd likely make 10
> cents off of, and of which you'd have 30 years worth of lawsuits

I wouldnt, but the music industry takes great delight in doing so :)

> And I'm amazed by how many people assume I'm American.  I'm

lol maybe because most the ppl I've ever seen post from redhat are in
America :)


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