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Re: major badness with latest kernel update

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Jon Burgess (Jon_Burgess eur 3com com) said:

1. the kernel fails to boot, copmplaining about no /bin/insmod.old,
copying this file from /sbin makes no difference

This is normally caused by having the latest 2.5 compatible modutils stuff installed. This replaces insmod with a 2.5 only version which falls back to calling insmod.old if it is running on a 2.4 kernel. Unfortunaltey the mkinitrd script which builds the initrd to load drivers for your boot devices only includes insmod and not insmod.old in the initrd image.

The fix is to add a couple of lines to the mkinitrd script to include the
insmod.old in the initrd file and then rebuild the initrd or just erase and
re-install the kernel. I don't have a patch handy, but it fairly easy to modify
the mkinitrd script.

modutils-2.4.22-9, which should show up in rawhide tomorrow-ish, just
has the 2.5/2.6 support integrated directly into insmod/rmmod/etc.
You shouldn't need to worry about <foo>.old.


Thanks for making the availability of the modutils rpm known. I am interested in getting the 2.5 kernel working.


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