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Mouse cursor visual glitches with XFree86


I have upgraded my Phoebe2 system to the latest XFree86 packages from RawHide (they were XFree86-4.2.99-4.20030129 at that moment) and I have noticed some visual glitches with my mouse cursor when it changes its shape. The visual glitch is hard to describe: basically, when the mouse shape is changed (from an arrow to the I-box, for example, or when you hover over a window resize handle), for a very short period, the mouse is shown as a big 32x32 (I think) mess of vertical lines of different thickness, and then, it returns to its normal appearance.

It doesn't seem a driver problem, since in XFree86- this problem is not present. Also, this is mainly a visual problem since the mouse cursor is drawn incorrectly for a few microseconds.

Has anyone experienced this? My video card is an ATI Rage Mobility M1 AGP 8MB using the Gatos SourceForge ATI 4.2.0 and 4.3.0 (experimental) video driver with XV support.

I have had to downgrade to XFree86- since this visual effect is disgusting for me :-(


   Felipe Alfaro Solana

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