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Re: how to avoid stupid bug reports ?

On Sun, 2003-02-02 at 19:12, Jim Cromie wrote:

>     e.    any time beta-bug is resolved with new package - email is sent 
> to phoebe-list
Ugh.....man there is enough traffic on the list as it is..yer going to
pollute it even more automated reports?  What are you going to ask for
next....that everybody start submitting bugs to the mailinglist as well,
becuase its easier than using bugzilla for beta-testers?
There IS an interface to track bug status already....the mailinglist
isn't it.  Use bugzilla to track bug status....no point in duplicating
all the extra traffic.  If yer interested in a certain bug...use
bugzilla, sign up to get emails about that bug. Interested in seeing new
reports...query new bugtickets by date of opening...

You know I think you can use bugzilla's search function to create a list
of resolved bugs..by date even...and if thats too hard for beta testers
to use...then I would humbly suggest that redhat first add a recently
closed bugs listing page before automating reports back into the list. 
The list really isn't the best place to report bug status information
and track specific bugs...it really isn't...If you want to keep track of
bugs as a beta tester learn to use the bugzilla interface.
If you want to discuss aspects of a bug you THINK you are
seeing...asking the list is good for confirmation before submitting a
new bug report. But if you want to track the status of a known bug...use
the bugzilla interface...if you pollute the mailinglist with automated
reports...there's a good chance "important" questions will get ignored
by the people who can answer them, becuase they just get overwhelmed by
the traffic.  I doubt everyone on this list reads every message that
comes through as it is....you start automating messages...and thats just
more messages to ignore.


>         helps get more testers aware of it,
>         reduces / eliminates repetetive re-reports
>         its a beta mailing-list after all...

If beta-testers would actually use bugzilla as a tool to keep up with
bugs as they are reported...you wouldn't see re-reports either. 
Polluting the mailinglist isnt going to stop re-reports.

-jef"is it so so hard for new linux users to use bugzilla? I guess we
are closer to unseating MS on the desktop than I thought"spaleta

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