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Re: how to avoid stupid bug reports ?

On 2 Feb 2003, Jef Spaleta wrote:

> On Sun, 2003-02-02 at 19:12, Jim Cromie wrote:
> >     e.    any time beta-bug is resolved with new package - email is sent 
> > to phoebe-list
> Ugh.....man there is enough traffic on the list as it is..yer going to
> pollute it even more automated reports?  What are you going to ask for
> next....that everybody start submitting bugs to the mailinglist as well,
> becuase its easier than using bugzilla for beta-testers?
> There IS an interface to track bug status already....the mailinglist
> isn't it.  Use bugzilla to track bug status....no point in duplicating
> all the extra traffic.  If yer interested in a certain bug...use
> bugzilla, sign up to get emails about that bug. Interested in seeing new

I think you are over-reacting. A report that bug xxx is fixed is _one_
report, one message to the list. Not a lot more traffic. At present,
discovering _all_ fixes relevant to the beta is nota trivial task. I
tried with (null) and was not able to do it. If they were reported to
the list, there would at least be an easy-to-search list on _my_

The notion of yours of reporting bugs to the list ... well, a good
many are discussed here anyway. No, I don't propose that all bug reports
should go to the list, but if they did, there would be more people
seeing them and testing them and collecting better information about

BZ is tedious, unfriendly. There are, IMV, better ways to report & track
bugs and report fixes.



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