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Re: wireless newbie question

--- Todd Booher <Todd netronin com> wrote:
> I've got phoebe-2 loaded on a ThinkPad T30 but the
> install
> did not load any drivers for my wireless card
> (Compaq WL110).
> This card is based on the hermes chipset (orinoco)
> which is supposed to
> be supported by RH.  My pcmcia service is running
> and I manually
> added the wireless adapter under network devices as
> eth1 but
> when I try to activate it is says it's unable to and
> to try
> rebooting or restarting services (neither of which
> work.)  What
> do I need to do to get this to work?
> Thanks,
> Todd

Hi Todd,

You'll need to upgrade to the latest kernel available
in rawhide.  I had the same probs as did many others.



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