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Re: ALSA (was: Re: Contributions to Fedora)

Jack Bowling wrote:
I'm currently experimenting with ways of modifying your awesome alsa packages to be able to compile against a specified installed kernel and arch, instead of the currently running kernel and arch. I'll figure this out eventually, but have any tips to generalize the spec?

How do you personally do the various arch builds?

Warren - Just one possibility: set up User Mode Linux for a different
processor and then build within UML?? Not sure if this is even possible
but could be an avenue to pursue.

We're using UML virtual servers for automated chroot'ed builds in Fedora because package building requires CAP_MKNOD, which would be a security risk using a normal vserver (w/ security context patch) virtual servers used for all other services. vserver is far less overhead than UML, however I cannot think of any other way of doing chroot's fully secure with no possibility that trojans in SRPM's can crack the real machine.

So yes we could use UML, however it is a kludge to require running or even installing a certain kernel in order to compile a module. There must be ways of modifying the .spec in order to pass arguments to rpmbuild to build against an specified installed kernel-source, arch and UP\SMP.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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