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Re: USB Camera - Detected through Kudzu but not configurablethrough gtkcam

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 21:12, Phoebe - 7M3 - Live wrote:

> I submitted a bug report. It was closed as NOTFIXING
> Since Red Hat can detect my scanner in GNOME (but not in KDE). I was a 
> bit proud of the first USB "baby step". Prodding them to push for more 
> software compatibility didn't work.

This isn't a problem at the distribution level...this is a problem
inherent in the application level (or kernel level...depending).  Redhat
doesn't have the resources to tackle the problem of making every
peripheral work(when the hardware makers aren't providing usable specs
for open source developers to work with).  If the underlying application
project(I'm assuming its gphoto) developers haven't begun to support the
camera model...there's very little hope that Redhat is going to champion
this cause, more than enough work to go around squashing theading
related bugs, which is a distribution level problem.  Read over the
gphoto projects homepage.  It is very difficult for developers to handle
cameras that use their own non standard protocal to communicate because
the hardware manufacturers refuse to cooperate and provide usable specs
for developers to code against.
So this isn't really a bug...since the underlying project doesn't claim
to support yer camera model.  talk nicely to the gphoto developers and
maybe they can work on getting yer camera supported.  Or like its been
suggested already get a compact flash reader...there are several usb cf
readers that are supported by the linux kernel...several are not...make
very very sure the reader you buy is listed as supported by
linux-usb.org or you can invest in a tiny ide to cf card adapter and
connect it like an ide harddrive.  I've been happy using both a sandisk
usb cf reader...and an ide cf adapter.  But I'm much happier that my usb
scanner is finally really supported by the sane project....


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