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Re: Gentoo-like Performance?

On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 04:22, HoytDuff wrote:

> All you want to do is measure the length of time it takes an app to lauch or 
> how long it takes an app to complete a task (or benchmark)?

One of the things I hate about Mozilla is changing the fonts. I am ALL
ABOUT the fonts on Linux, and I've been known to spend half an hour
selecting fonts to my satisfaction. Under Phoebe2, for instance, I went
through the whole process again, because of the changes in the way KDE
and Gnome2 do things. That means I opened up the font preferences panel
for Mozilla about a dozen times. This usually takes a second to pop up.
I know this isn't long, but when you're click click clicking doing the
same thing over and over again, any sort of delay gets noticeable, and
problematic. And this is the point: on Gentoo, it was always fast. I
never had to wait for that panel to come up.

> For X11, you could compare Xmark values. For launching an app, it the time 
> command useful?
> Of course, you would not want to recompile but one app at atime and test 
> before and after, which is why no one wants to do it; x11perf/Xmark will take 
> about 6 to 8 hours for the two runs necessary to get a comparison.

Aha! This is good. I had no idea this was here. I just might try this.
My Gentoo system has been wiped in favor of Phoebe2, but my
Gentoo-loving friend still has a dual Athlon system that I could
benchmark this against. He has the same mobo and I used his kernel
config and his make.conf file to produce my system, so it's going to be
pretty darn close to an apples-to-apples comparison.


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