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Re: STILL can't re-register my system with RHN!

Tom Coady wrote:

M A Young wrote:

You should be safe to do
rpm -e --nodeps rawhide-release
rpm -ivh redhat-release*.rpm

Does this mean that up2date is not compatible with rawhide release? If so what is the best means to upgrade to this level?

Just install the rawhide nightly packages, but *NOT* the
rawhide-release*** tarball. I had the same problem, and once
I re-installed the redhat-release package, I was able to re-register
and update my system via up2date.

Thanks to Michael Young for that advice:

Elton Woo wrote:

Error Message:
Your account does not have access to any channels matching (release='20030130', arch='i686-redhat-linux')

Uninstall the rawhide-release package, and get (if you don't already have it) the redhat-release package from the phoebe2 distribution.

Michael Young


Elton ;-)

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