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winds of change -- network and xfree86 issues

So I decided to drop my "phoebe" install into a different box... it detected everything to kudzu, but the following issues still haunt me..

1. the network card changed.. it asked if I wanted to "migrate the network settings" to which I answered yes.. it did NOT migrate the settings correctly.. it set the dhcp hostname in the /etc/network file and added a line to /etc/hosts .. its still set to use DHCP, but now its hostname is eternally wrong...

2. I changed video cards from some cheapo Cirrus logic card to my old banshee card... kudzu detected it.. it looks ok in /etc/sysconfing/hwconf .. but I get the following error

[root invaderzim root]# redhat-config-xfree86 File "/usr/share/redhat-config-xfree86/xconf.py", line 357 current_card_driver = current_card.getCardData()["DRIVER"] ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax [root invaderzim root]# rpm -q redhat-config-xfree86 redhat-config-xfree86-0.7.2-2

no clue here... machine is fully "up2date" (updated from 8.0.92 with up2date)


-- Tommy McNeely -- Tommy McNeely Sun COM Sun Microsystems - IT Ops - Broomfield Campus Support Phone: x50888 / 303-464-4888 -- Fax: 720-566-3168

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