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Re: Automatic Updates Every Night?

Checkout http://freshrpms.net/apt/ and find a repository that has rawhide, or setup a mirror of rawhide and run your own apt repository for it.
-joshua eichorn

Adam Scarcella wrote:

O.K. I understand your point and it makes perfect sense. However, I would
still like to update to the latest packages without having to kill myself
with dependency issues.

Is there a set of terminal commands I can use to update individual packages
without having to worry about dependencies or is that only possible with
either RHN or Ximian RedCarpet?

I have tried to install several packages and no matter what I do, a
dependency issue arises and I can't resolve it because yet another
dependency issues pops up. It just seems to me that there is a never ending
set of dependencies and I don't know how to update everything at the same

RedCarpet allows you to select several local files to update simultaneously.
Can I do the same thing with the command line using RPM and some set of

Adam =)

On 2/5/03 1:38 PM, "R P Herrold" <herrold owlriver com> wrote:

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Adam Scarcella wrote:

I initially installed 8.0.93 and then upgraded everything which was roughly
250 MBs of stuff. That was over a week ago and my RedHat Network Alert icon
still says there are No updates available (0 ignored).

I know there are nightly builds that are accessible through either rpm or
up2date. How can I get my system to do it for me?

Phoebe are a pair of beta test releases.  No update channel
would customarily exist for a beta.  Beta testing exists
primarily to test the beta, and not to provide a release
quality final product.  The betas are a tool to produce
Bugzilla entries of where people are having issues. 'Lots if
eyes, lots of platforms; hoepfully -- shallow bugs to fix'

[Incidentally, the beta candidates have the latest, because
most hobbyists are not interested testing or QA'ing a stable
platform beta which one could sell support on, to a corporate
customer for say, three years, as Advanced Workstation.  They
also generate 'buzz' to prime future sales.]

People using Raw Hide to add in spot update selected packages
are on their own, and the conventional Raw Hide rules apply.
['When it breaks, you get to keep all the pieces']

My $0.02

-- Russ Herrold

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