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Re: top posting - non, s.v.p.!!

I actually prefer top posting with a short summary.. and if there are multiple questions, the ever hated .. MIDDLE POST :) .. but isn't email ettiquette a little off topic :p which would be bad ettiquette in and of itself :)

Elton Woo wrote:
A  (2): The reader has to go from the bottom to the top of
the message, just to decide if the contents of the message
is even of interest to him /her.

I'm reasonably certain that even in Australia or Oceania
they don't bottom post.

Q (2): What happens when you top post your reply?

people can read it without scrolling down through all the junk in previous messages in the thread.

A (1): Because it's easier to follow the thread of the topic,
     that's *why*!

Q (1): Why is bottom posting considered proper 'nettiquette'?

maybe the people that decided bottom posting was good dont have mail clients that properly thread mail mail messages??


Elton ;-)

-- Tommy McNeely -- Tommy McNeely Sun COM Sun Microsystems - IT Ops - Broomfield Campus Support Phone: x50888 / 303-464-4888 -- Fax: 720-566-3168

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