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Re: nss_ldap questions

On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 17:33, Tommy McNeely wrote:
> I have a standing open bug against nss_ldap.. I just "re-assigned" it 
> today because I noticed the QA contact needed changed to "jturner" 
> instead of "abrown" ... but I have a question regarding the problems 
> below... this question should really apply to ANY naming service, but 
> LDAP probablly just gives me the ability to SEE the problem??
> -
> Problem 1: $ id mailman
> ** searches in ldap for the user.. even though they are in /etc/passwd 
> and /etc/group ... I have filed bug # 633717 against that (yes it starts 
> with a 6 thats how old it is) ... as far as I can tell no one at redhat 
> seems to care .. its still in "new" state.

This is correct.  It is valid to get a mix of groups from files and

> Problem 3: (I dont know how to create this problem.. but I see it in 
> ethereal) .. assume some traffic hits tcp port xxxx .. the port is 
> arbitrary in the example below.
> ** searches in ldap for 
> (&(objectclass=ipService)(ipServicePort=47205)(ipServiceProtocol=tcp))
> now... that is a decent search.. but this goes back to number one 
> above.. WHY is it looking in LDAP when /etc/nsswitch.conf says to look 
> in files ONLY??

Which items in nsswitch.conf have ldap as an option?

> Is there some other config file other that /etc/nsswitch.conf that I am 
> just not aware of??

Authentication is done through pam, but that doesn't sound like where
you are having problems.


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