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Re: Shuttle FX21 motherboards, boot failure

I had a similar problem.  Try booting the cdrom:

linux  noapic

On Friday 07 February 2003 12:14, Graydon wrote:
> The FX21 is the motherboard in Shuttle SK41g 'small form factor' PCs; so
> far as I'm aware, the difficulty is the VIA KM266/VT8735 North Bridge
> chipset.
> If I try to install Phoebe, the CD runs, I get the choice of what I want
> to do, I hit <enter> to install, and the process gets to 'uncompressing
> the kernel' and hangs hard.  (Very same CDs install without difficulty
> on another machine.)
> This holds for _every_ 2.4 kernel between 2.4.3 and 2.4.20; 2.4.21-pre4
> will boot.  (every 2.2 kernel I've tried is fine, Windows (loaded by the
> vendor for testing) is fine, I can rebuild kernels, RH 7.1 with the
> as-shipped 2.4.2 kerenl runs as expected so long as it's dealing with
> the parts of the machine it's heard of; no indication of a hardware
> problem.)
> Any chance of the Phoebe kernel incrementing from pre3 to pre4? :)
> Graydon Saunders
> oak uniserve com


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