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Re: are there any serious show-stoppers in phoebe-2?

On Sat, 8 Feb 2003, Chris Chabot wrote:

> Well from my own experiance, also being someone to love being on the
> 'bleeding' edge (and they call it that for a reason!) i would have to say
> that this is the most bloody beta i have tried so far; Simultaniously also
> one of the cooler ones. Gnome2, new threads, great performance and a
> continuation of redhat's brushing up on the desktop experiance & tools.
> The one thing that really 'broke' for me was not being able to use the
> nvidia drivers.. w/ the new kernel they simply do not compile. My
> work-around for that was to down grade to the latest rh 8 errata kernel, and
> ever since i have been quite happy.

given that i have a dell inspiron with nvidia geforce 2, that's not
what i wanted to hear, but i pretty much already knew that.  
rather than downgrading, what about upgrading to a newer rawhide
kernel?  i've also been playing with the 2.5.59 kernel, and 
been pretty happy so far.  did you try either of those?

> I did get win4lin working, but wine and wine related products (crossover,
> etc) plus vmware are still casualties from what i gather, same for some
> plugins.

also not what i wanted to hear, since i have crossover office and
wanted to start using vmware.  it seems that i'll have to pass on
this beta as well.  bummer.


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