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Re: new rawhide Themes packages (sweet!!)

I am experiencing the same problem - just freshened things up from rawhide.


Phillip Compton wrote:

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 16:16, Thomas J. Baker wrote:

When I install the gnome-themes package, it hangs gnome-theme-manager :(

I generally just make a directory full of symlinks to the actual rawhide
rpms and do an "rpm -Fvh *", removing problematic rpms if the Fvh fails
(gstreamer currently has problems, one of the postgres rpms seems to be
a corrupt). Currently, only kernel, glibc, and openssl rpms have to be
installed by hand because of the multiple architectures. After those are
updated, the "rpm -Fvh *" pretty much just works. So my systems are as
up to date as my mirror of rawhide (which is a mirror of the Penn State
mirror of rawhide!)

One area where the Fvh fails is with new rpms that aren't already
installed. How are other people doing rawhide upgrades?

I do similar, although without using symlinks, and my theme-manager also
died after installing the new gnome-themes package.

When I try to run it, it tries to come up saying "Starting Theme", but
then disappears. If I run top, however, I see that the process is still

I've also tried running gnome-theme-manager from the command line, but
it just sits there without any errors.

theme-manager used to run perfectly on this machine before installing


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