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Re: are there any serious show-stoppers in phoebe-2?

I was impressed by the better USB support for the version. It only encompasses my flatbed scanner. But another working device is an improvement for me.

I like the organization of the menu better. The inclusion of same application types under their corrosponding category is easier to find.

Though, there were a few missing programs under system tools. There was not an inclusion of xterm. xterm is great when you have problems with gmome-terminal. Gnome-terminal has several bugs. One of them is that it now crashes occasionally. I have had this problem on two completely different machines.

Also, there are several other problems with gnome-terminal. One is that there is a messed up screen when you exit the midnight commander. You have to clear the screen manually to detect where your prompt took off to. There is also a problem with the mouse not being able to select items, menus etc with mc.

kudzu seems to segfault when you try to detect a card that the information is accessable from the device, but there is no listing through neat.

Neat has various problems, one is not having listings of common ethernet card devices and no way to add information that your vendor might supply you with. Other people have had problems with actions that the wireless cards do through neat (redhat-config-network)

A surprise to me for the most current release. If programs have improvements, such as xsane, they are not put on the up2date site for the latest release.

Application support seems to be little. you might get better results with going to the software vendors site and using their versions of software.

An advantage of Red Hat over a lot of the distributions is their work with XFree86. I tried Mandrake and Debian and have not been able to configure X. With Red Hat, it is pretty automatic.

A problem with the latest beta and release is that there is no text or dialogue based setup utility for X. If X goes down, such as it did for my trying of Phoebe1, you are left in the command line arena. Also some of the programs that are handy for non-X server operation are no longer installed by default. If you didn't select these programs, you would be totally in the dark and SOL.

Overall, I don't see anything that would warrant more than an 8.1 version increment. Most of the stuff seems to be cosmetic.

I currently went back to the Phoebe release. I'll be picking and choosing the programs that are worth going forward with.

I'm only interested Xsane, maybe the kernel, gtk, gtkam and other programs. I'll probably get them from rawhide.

Jim Robert P. J. Day wrote:

historically, i've always been keen on installing any new red hat betas on my machine, since i don't normally push the envelope in terms of what i'm trying to do.

  a little browsing, a little fetchmail, some editing, that
sort of thing.

  but i was scared off with phoebe-1, given what i saw the
first couple of days after release with a spate of pretty
serious problems, so i just let phoebe-1 pass and waited
for the next version.

  same deal with phoebe-2 -- i'm still uncomfortable with
the number of complaints regarding what seem to be still
major bugs.

  comments from other testers?  i would have been happy to
just wander over to bugzilla and peruse the phoebe-2 bug
reports, except for the fact that red hat (with an attitude
i find maddening to this day) *still* refuses to rename new
beta releases.  argh.


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