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Re: Difference between redhat-release and rawhide-release

On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 10:23, Agon S. Buchholz wrote:
> Hi,
> >  I would imagine the only reason
> > there is a rawhide-release package is to provide one or two files normally
> > supplied by the redhat-release package, like /etc/redhat-release, that a
> > few other packages need. It so happens that at the moment, because Red Hat
> > are working on a beta that the packages in rawhide are more or less
> > consistent, but there is no guarantee of this.
> This sounds indeed very similar to Debian's bleeding-edge "testing" 
> (always called "Sid"), and if I understand you correctly, installing 
> rawhide-release could work at the moment since a freeze of Phoebe is 
> close, but it might become inconsistent (meaning recursive package 
> dependencies etc.) later, after there is an official RHL 8.1 (or 
> whatever number it will have). So it doesn't make sense to replace 
> redhat-release with rawhide-release if I don't want a possibly 
> instable development system, right? Is anyone running rawhide-release 
> and can confirm this?

I'm not sure what you mean by "running rawhide-release". 
rawhide-release is a package which contains only text files.  It doesn't
provide any functionality.

Additionally, unlike Debian Sid, Red Hat Rawhide does not have an
installer.  Additionally Red Hat does not have a built in tool to
automatically fetch and install updated packages from Rawhide.  If you
want to download individual packages from Rawhide and install them on
your machine no one is stopping you, but installing rawhide-release
itself won't do anything for you.


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