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Re: up2date via CD??


I have phoebe2 running on my Toshiba Tecra 8200
with internal orinoco wireless.  The newer
rawhide kernels work fine with it, but I
also had earlier downloaded and installed
kernel.org 2.4.20, and it also works with wireless.

So if you just put the newer kernel and associated
utils on a cdr, you can get back up and running fast.
Include redhat-config-network, as the original did
not work for me.


Tommy McNeely wrote:
I made a "boo boo"

I installed phoebe2 on my laptop (which only has wireless networking) ... I read previously that you need to connect to the internet using the "built in ethernet port" and run up2date.

I, however, don't have that luxury. Where does up2date get its RPM's from? maybe I could just download all the phoebe 2 ones and burn them to a CD for my pokey old laptop. I think I could do something similar to "rpm -Fhv *" if I got them on CD? right?

Otherwise... do you think I just need the kernel? or what other packages to get wireless networking up enough to download updates direct through up2date?


-- Neal Pollack, Sun Linux Kernel Engineering Mgr. Los Angeles, CA. Registered Linux user #288025: http://counter.li.org/

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