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Re: living with phoebe

On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 00:08, Adam Scarcella wrote:
> Here are a few solutions to your apparent problems.
> * no apparent support for mice with side-buttons (e.g. IntelliMouse
> > explorer) would be nice under mozilla for forward/back (like IE) or
> > changing the font size.
> I successfully installed the IntelliMouse Explorer USB 5-button mouse
> and it works quite well in Mozilla. Go to System 

i think i should have been a little clearer and written "no apparent
support for mouse side-buttons" ... unless mozilla really does
understand 5-buttons-plus-wheel mice now? (and i couldn't find the
configuration options for it if it does.)

> * evolution: no way to delete/rename/edit signatures. the vertical-line
> > input cursor doesn't erase properly when it moves. i was asked for a
> > timezone/location but was still given the weather for boston. towns in
> > the weather tab are given in reverse alphabetical order. [i suspect at
> > least some of these are up-stream bugs]
> To edit signatures in Evolution go to 
> 	Tools -> Settings -> Composer Preferences -> Signatures

great, thank you. I had been on Tools -> Settings -> Mail Accounts ->
Edit which only lets you create signatures. will try to file this one as
an upstream bug. (actually, i'm finding a *lot* of bugs in evolution...)

> To edit weather preferences in Evolution go to 
> 	Tools -> Settings -> Summary Preferences -> Weather

i had found this, but my point was more that evolution shouldn't ask
where i am and then give me the weather for boston. (not, of course,
that i have anything against boston ;)

> Hope that helps.


rjt thepoacher net

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