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Re: living with phoebe (pt.2)

On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 15:28, Jef Spaleta wrote: 
> > * evolution: "Relay denied: You must check for new mail before sending
> > mail." no idea if this (transient) issue is an isp problem or not.
> > anyone else seeing this?
> Pop or Imap or what?  I've never come across this. i use only imap
> servers right now.

pop. haven't really looked into this one that hard yet, was just
wondering whether anyone else had the same problem. (note that i've just
changed operating system, e-mail client, and isp, so anything could be
at fault here. it's also a transient problem, and debugging it's going
to be a pain.)

> > * EDITOR is not set, so 'crontab -e' under X still gives you vi
> And this is a problem?  So what yer saying is that the EDITOR should be set
> to a graphical editor all the time? Or do you want Redhat to write some
> sort of logic and try to figure out if yer running the terminal under X
> and set the editor accordingly?

to be honest, setting EDITOR somewhere in the login-to-desktop process
would probably be sufficient (~/.Xclients or wherever, i don't have a
desperate urge to trace through all the startup code to get an exact
file name right now.)

i don't believe that out-of-the-box, users should have to know 'vi' to
create a cron-job. you do, and that's an equally valid point-of-view
(and bundling a gui front-end would also be nice). i am raising the
point to make sure that red hat believe that the current implementation
is still reasonable, and not just some crufty old hang-over from 2.x
that noone ever went back to readdress.

> > * gnome apps: when launching: "** (gedit:20218): WARNING **: Owner of
> > /tmp/orbit-rjt-test is not the current user" this is quite correct as
> > the current user is "rjt", not "rjt-test" (rjt-test is just a temp
> > account.) it is possible that this bug is purely cosmetic.
> is the oafd process running as rjt-test? I'm no expert in the mysteries
> of all things oaf and orbit related..but I thought oafd was the process
> that really used these tmp directories.

very much not an expert on these things either. the only oafd instance
is running as rjt, rather than rjt-test.

actually, it seems that creating any directory starting
/tmp/orbit-$USERNAME triggers the problem, and i just happened to hit it
as the name of my main account was a prefix of the throwaway temp
account. if multiple matches are created, i get multiple error messages.

> -jef

btw, i don't seem to have an init process -- is this common now?


rjt thepoacher net

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