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Re: living with phoebe

Matthias Schoener wrote:
I was turned off from using Evolution, because of it putting all email, from different accounts, within the same inbox. Is there a way to select it to seperate each account, as is the default with Mozilla?

Yes. You can create filters, based on the recipient address (i.e. your various email accts.), diverting the incoming messages into separate inboxes.

Once you get used to filters, you won't go back. Filtering is possible
on really any header field, not just recipient. For example, I have a
filter set up, that directs all phoebe-list messages into a separate

Evolution has made a big step forward from 1.08 to 1.20, so if you
haven't tried it in a while, give it another shot.

I'll have to check out the newer versions then. Bunching multiple accounts into one coral was my main turnoff. If it was multithreading, I would appreciate Evolution a lot more.

Another thing about Evolution and multiple accounts. The default email address sometimes leads to sending email from the wrong address. I really got someone upset on a list where there were a lot of Microsoft loyalists. The message went through from the different addy. Needless to say, their filters were useless. Not to mention their thoughts that I intentionally used another account to get through their filters.

It would be great, if it defaulted to the account, that the mail originated from.


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