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Re: cdrecord blues

Jens Knutson wrote:

On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 22:31, Elton Woo wrote:

... sounds like defective recording media to me. I'd suggest using
a CDRW disk, that way, you can always *erase* the disk and start over.
Also, once the beta goes GA, you can erase the same disk and reuse it
for burning the release code... no more "coasters".

Well, this is across 2 kinds of name-brand media, so I doubt it's media quality.

Last but equally important, I take it that you *have* verified the
md5sums of the iso?

Well I *made* all of these ISOs on this machine, so there's nothing to

I'm pretty sure this is some kind of SCSI issue, but if someone can
prove me wrong with an easy answer, I'd love to hear it! :-)

- jck

ummm... OK. one more try! How about recording at a
_slower_ speed? Does that help?

Elton ;-)

"You only live once, so let's make life EASIER for each other."
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