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Epoch removing (was: Re: Contributions to Fedora)

Pavel Rozenboim <pavelr coresma com> wrote :

> I think there is a small problem in your package versioning. On psyche
> (should post it on that list) I tried to update mplayer-0.90pre1-fr1 to
> recent mplayer-0.90-fr0rc4.3.0 and apt-get told that package I have is
> more recent. Had similar problem with few other packages too. I think
> rpms can have some kind of serial number for cases where version numbers
> are non-trivial. May be you could use it for your packages. 

I know... this is because of bad initial decisions in versionning or
introducing epoch numbers. Sort of "early mistakes" I'm trying to correct.
Unfortunately, once you've introduced an epoch, or once you've kept "pre",
"rc" or anything like that in the version tag... you're stuck!

That's why, for such packages, you'll need to "rpm -e --nodeps" the old
one, then "rpm -Uvh" or "apt-get install" the new one :-/

I plan on dropping all epochs in all packages built for the next Red Hat
Linux release, except of course of the ones Red Hat also has epoch tags

I understand this can be annoying... my bad... bad, bad, bad... sorry!


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