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Re: scanner, kernels, apt-get and xine

Jef Spaleta wrote:
On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 15:37, Phoebe - 7M3 - Live wrote:

I booted into the latest psyche kernel and tried the scanner. The scanner did not work.

Wait a minute your using a psyche kernel on top of the phoebe beta?
That might get around some problems...but it doesn't suprise me that it causes
something else to break....like scanner recognition....


I am using a psyche installation. Then I upgraded my kernel to the kernel from rawhide in a successful attempt to get my scanner to work.

With the rawhide kernel, I was able to get my scanner recognized through xsane. Everything worked, except the recent problem with apt-get locking up, along with rpm.

My latest venture was to install the latest rawhide kernel and these programs. I haven't rebooted yet, but there are three kernels installed.
I'll see if just enhancing a few programs at a time will beat a dead pool of programs from the Phoebe place on RHN Network.

Next will be trying to go all out with mozilla.

adjtimex-1.13-6.i386.rpm              netdump-server-0.6.8-2.i386.
rpcipe-1.4.5-14.i386.rpm                nfs-utils-1.0.1-2.9.i386.rpm
glibc-kernheaders-2.4-8.10.i386.rpm   pam-0.75-48.i386.rpm
ipchains-1.3.10-18.i386.rpm           pam_krb5-1.60-1.i386.rpm
iptables-1.2.7a-2.i386.rpm            pam_smb-1.1.6-7.i386.rpm
kernel-2.4.20-2.47.1.i686.rpm         sysklogd-1.4.1-12.i386.rpm
kernel-doc-2.4.20-2.47.1.i386.rpm     syslinux-2.00-4.i386.rpm
kernel-source-2.4.20-2.47.1.i386.rpm  SysVinit-2.84-13.i386.rpm
modutils-2.4.22-8.i386.rpm            tux-2.2.9-1.i386.rpm
netdump-0.6.8-2.i386.rpm              vixie-cron-3.0.1-73.i386.rpm

If I don't email you for awhile, you will know what happened.


I never made a mistake in my life.  I thought I did once, but I was wrong.
		-- Lucy Van Pelt

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