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Re: Latest Rawhide kernel

Matthias Saou wrote:
Phoebe - 7M3 - Live <creed7m3live columbus rr com> wrote :

The scanner works. The system seems to be running smoother. There is increased brightness to the display.

Hmmm, looks like the human brain sees what it wants to see, no? Or are you
running a kernel framebuffer or something? I don't understand how upgrading
only the kernel would increase the screen brightness :-)

It probably is just a human brain perception. The screen looked like it bloomed more. I readjusted the contrast and brightness a bit.

Since I still have the older kernels installed, I will probably try them
out to check the brightness factor.

I haven't tried apt out again. Are there any "got to have" programs out there? I'm interested in music and videos.

Well, you can always go to http://psyche.freshrpms.net/ and choose the
"Applications/Multimedia" category from the top right corner, then read the
program descriptions... and hopefully find interesting things.

The site looks very packed with interesting programs. I'll have to see which programs might be of interest to me.

I got mplayer installed with rpm already. xine was installed manually also.

You should be safe using apt though, the lockups are a known problem with rpm 4.1 that no longer exist with the upcoming 4.2.

I'll be looking forward for this program to wsork smoother, with the release of rpm 4.2. Using the apt-get frontend is pretty decent. I think I'll need it with issues such as mp3s no longer being supported through Red Hat. I use ogg a lot, but most of my friends running "dozer" use mp3s. Most of the sites use mp3s also.

Kernel Related:
I installed the same kernel from Rawhide on my Phoebe2 machine, as I
posted for my machine running Psyche. Since it is only a 233 MHz w/ 64
megs of memory, it is hard to say if it is running smoother.

The gnome-terminal still has problems with mc. I'll probably upgrade mc
next, then gnome-terminal. Right now, they both have the latest versions
from phoebe from the up2date and RHN.



Do you guys know what you're doing, or are you just hacking?

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