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redux - Re: Movie watching

Alin Osan wrote:

Elton Woo wrote:

Hence my query about configuring video support....

Go to www.mplayerhq.hu, download win32codec.tar.bz2 and MPlayer-9.0rc4.tar.bz2.
tar xvjf win32codec
copy all the files in /usr/lib/win32

tar xvjf MPlayer...

read the files in Doc
Get all the develoment libraries installed if you don't have then already.

make install

If you prefer src.rpm go to ftp://ftp.rdsor.ro/pub/Linux/X11/VideoPlayers and build the files from that location.
ALWAYS build mplayer from sources.

I hope this threat stops here :-)

I had installed Mplayer from rpm tarballs instead of compiling.... I guess I should rpm-e
mplayer***.rpm and install using the source (per your advice)...?

Elton .

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