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Re: Eclipse, JRE Errors, How to Permanently Add to $PATH?

Bill Kristjanson wrote:

Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:

Adam Scarcella wrote:

Can either of you answer my original question?

-Since it is probable that by now there are more P4s than P3s in use
Redhat should switch from -mcpu=i686 to -mcpu=p4 when compiling standard
packages (this makes them fast on P4s but they can still run on older
processors). And in case they aren't already doing it they should
compile the glibc RPMS for P4s and Athlons with --sse2 and --3dnow2

Personally, I like use a PII, with MMX machine still (Dechutes). I also use a PIII (coppermine).
Having most programs compiled for i386 makes sense to me. If you want an increased speed for programs. There will probably have to be different programs developed, which use the code for i686 machines. Otherwise, developers will have a hard time getting their programs tracked with multiple archetectures.

I'm looking for the 64 bit computers to become common. Now, in that arena, optimization should be more standardized.

Could you imagine the distribution discs for i686 also?


I do not know anything about Eclypse but I found this HOWTO. Its on a french page but the howto is in english. Scroll about half way down.



Oh yah...

I add my export PATH to the end of /usr/profile. I do not know if that's correct but it works.


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